We are happy to announce that the bank Caixabank has to refund deposit, interests and legal fees because we won the Appeal case at the Appeal Court in Murcia for a client who bought a property at Trampolin Hills Golf Resort.

Our case was based on Ley 57/68 and the precedent set by the Judgement we won at the Spanish Supreme Court on the 23rd September 2015.

The legal grounds used in our claim against La Caixa are: the bank which issued general bank guarantees has to guarantee the deposits paid by every buyer.

If you bought a property at Trampolin Hills and you lost your deposit, please contact us and we will help you with recovering your deposit, interests and legal fees.

The bank LA CAIXA has to refund the deposit paid by our clients plus interests since the deposit was paid to the developer’s bank account.

Ley  57 1968. Case won at the Appeal Court Section 1 in Murcia against Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona “LA CAIXA”.

We have won the Appeal case against La Caixa for our clients, who purchased an off-plan property from the developer TRAMPOLIN HILLS S.L. in Trampolin Hills Golf Resort, Murcia.

We are very happy with the outcome and we would like to congratulate our clients.

There is precedent from the Spanish Supreme Court regarding this type of cases. However, the Courts are deciding for and against the clients for exact cases.

Therefore, a Judgement from the Appeal Court in Murcia confirming the Judgments from the 1st Instance Courts is very good news.

The bank LA CAIXA has to refund the deposit paid by our clients plus interests since the deposit was paid to the developer’s bank account.

The Court has also decided that the bank has to pay for our clients’ legal fees for the appeal too.

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  1. Gill Malouf
    Gill Malouf says:

    I lost lots of money in Spain, and now find it hard to find funds to pay for legal action. My first solicitor turned out to be a very expensive one. He won a case against the developer but no funds were paid to me after I won the case. I had to find money to pay the expensive aolicitor…and then I had to move the claim to another solicitor because the first one simply kept milking me of money The developer some years later wanted to negotiate the court cost and interest…I had to go to court agaimst the bank in the end. So despite wimning the case the financial loss still annoys me. I know people who never claimed their deposits back because they felt that the Spanish leogal system is against them.

    • Gonzalo Calderón Chao
      Gonzalo Calderón Chao says:

      Dear Gill,
      We are very sorry to hear that.
      We have won most cases and we can offer “no win no fee” because we get our fees directly from the bank. We are the first law firm that won in the supreme court against banks for deposits and bank guarantees. We set precedent with the Judgement that took us many years of work and effort but we are happy that we got to help many property buyers who had lost everything.
      We study every case for free and we do not ask for any fees because we offer a real no win no fee. If you know somebody that needs to claim the deposits please tell them to contact us.

  2. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    Under Ley 57/68 I believe that I would receive a return of my deposit in full and
    all interest on this amount. A deposit of 30 K Euros was paid (via Spanish Bank) on apartment and due to years and years of delays I cancelled this Contract.
    Is it also true that the Court will order the Bank to pay all of Lawyer’s Fees and that the clients will not be required to pay any further amounts to Lawyers out of returned Bank Interest to client . Thanking you

    • Gonzalo Calderón Chao
      Gonzalo Calderón Chao says:

      Hello Margaret,
      Depending on the developer we can win the deposit paid if there were bank guarantees and we can also claim to the bank to where you transferred the amounts to the developer if the bank account was owned by the developer.
      In most cases, legal fees are won and you will not have to pay any legal fees for laywer nor court representative.
      And interests are also acknowledged since you made the payments to the developer.
      We will send you a more detailed email to you to study your case for free.

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