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Tras la sentencia sobre clausulas suelo de nuestro Tribunal Supremo y su confirmación posterior, hemos podido comprobar cómo los Jueces han anulado prácticamente el 100% de las clausulas suelo que han sido reclamadas en nuestros Tribunales en todos los casos en los que no se dio información suficiente sobre la misma. Ante esta situación algunas […]

Debt recovery in spain

Methods used for recovering a debt from a debtor residing in Spain. If you need to recover a debt from someone residing in Spain we advise you to find legal advice. Once your advisor has valued the situation, the most common methods for recovering a debt are: a) Requesting the payment through a letter or […]

The Apostille Certificate for document legalisation

The Apostille is a certificate proving that the signature on a public document is authentic. For example, when dealing with an inheritance, if you need to prove that you are heir, you will need to present Marriage or Birth Certificates. These Certificates will have to be legalised with the Apostille Certificate. You will also need to […]

Power of Attorney in Spain

A power of attorney is a document signed with a Notary Public where a donor gives powers to another person (wife, lawyer…) for specific actions. With this document, the attorney is legally authorized to carry out the powers stated in the document on behalf of the donor. You will need a power of attorney for different […]

How to arrange utilities in Spain

Connecting utilities in Spain might be different than doing it in your country, so take a look to what you will need. Before buying your property, please make sure to request the last water and electricity bills to the seller. It is important to make sure that these bills are paid. Once you have the bills […]

What is the Community of Owners in Spain?

The Community of Owners in Spain is the government body of a building, urbanization or community. This community is regulated by the Horizontal Property Act. The community of owners is formed by neighbors who will be in charge of it for one year. This body has a President, a Secretary and Administrators. The administrator can […]