Setting Up Company Alicante, Torrevieja, Costa Blanca area.

Setting Up Company Alicante. When hiring us to help you set up a company in Alicante or Torrevieja you have all your needs covered. You will just need to sign a power of attorney for us and we will do the rest. Creating a company  will be very easy for you and it will be a stress-free experience.

Lawyer to register a company, we can help to start a business. What do I need to open a business?

Our company incorporation service from Cc Lawyer Alicante Torrevieja includes:

  1. Application for a temporary Fiscal Identification Number (CIF).
  2.  Final Fiscal Identification Number (CIF).
  3.  Name of the new corporation to the Official  Registry in Madrid. This is the name clearance to get the name that is not already taken by somebody else. We will ask you to provide us with 5 possible names.
  4.  Opening a Spanish bank account for the corporation and getting the bank certificate for the corporation with the share capital. We can only do that if we have Power of Attorney.
  5. Establishment of the corporation before a Notary Public (Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Association).
  6. Tax forms for the incorporation (forms, no tax to be paid)
  7. Registration at the Official  Registry
  8. Applying for the NIE number for the director, if necessary, also with power of attorney.
  9. Establish a registered office for the company. Property-purchase-and-sale-service.

You will need to deposit the share capital into the firm’s bank account created for you. The minimum share capital here is 3.000€ but your share capital can be as much as you need provided that the minimum of 3.000€ is deposited. The average cost for notary fees and  registry fees is 500€ to 600€ euros.

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