The steps to follow after a car accident will depend on the gravity of the accident but here you have a general guide:

1- Stop, turn on the hazard lights and keep calm.

2- If you think that the situation is serious, please call 092 or 112 so they can send the Police and an ambulance.

2-Before anyone leaves the car, put on the reflective vest. No one should leave the car and walk on the road without the vest, it is mandatory in Spain.

3- Place one warning triangle behind the car (approx. 50 m) and another at the front (approx. 50 m).

4-If the accident is not serious and everyone involved can keep driving, please take pictures of the scene and try to move the cars off the road.

5-You and the other driver/s have to write the details of the accident in the form provided by your insurance company. Please write down the contact/personal details and plate number of anyone involved. If the parties don’t agree you have to call the police.

6-If you crash or hit a parked car, you should call the police and report the accident so they can find the car owner.

7-If there are injured people, please don’t move them. If you know first aid basic rules please help. Please stay at the accident scene until the police or ambulance arrives. Witnesses of a car accident have to stay and help until the police or ambulance arrives. Not helping and leaving the scene is a crime in Spain. If there is someone else helping, you don’t have to stay.

Once the police arrive on the scene, they will write down the accident report with the information of the people involved, who is liable for the accident, the charges, etc.

You will have to be ready for a drug or alcohol test in order to determine if the parties were drinking or taking drugs.

In any case, you have to notify the insurance as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you have been injured, you need to keep all the doctor or hospital reports as well as bills and other expenses due to the accident. If the police give you a copy of the report or any document, please keep these too.

We can help you claim the insurance company for compensation. We do not charge per consultation so contact us to get legal advice.

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  1. Liz
    Liz says:

    My brother was the victim of a hit and run whilst on his bike near Torre Horadada. He spent a week in hospital, has suffered memory loss, a severe brain injury and several fractures on his spine. Can you help?

    • Gonzalo Calderón Chao
      Gonzalo Calderón Chao says:

      We can deal with this case and file a criminal claim against the driver and claim the insurance.
      We guess that there was a police report of the accident and that the police is already dealing with this.
      We will be able to take action against the driver and make him/her pay for all the damages and injuries caused to your brother.

      In Spain, the compensation for car accidents is established depending on the days spent at hospital, days recovering/healing, long-term physical damages/injuries etc.
      Once we know the full extent of the damages, we will be able to inform you about the approx. compensation that we could claim but with the information that you provided, it will be a considerable compensation.
      We will send you an email and will give you more information. Thank you.

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