Check our top ten house buying tips

  1. Hire a Spanish English-speaking Lawyer to protect your interests. If you hire a lawyer that you trust, you will have to forget about the following tips.
  2. Request your NIE number as soon as possible
  3. Open a bank account in Spain
  4. Request an information certificate “Nota Simple” to the Land Registry for the property you wish to purchase
  5. Read very carefully the purchase contract and especially check the completion term with the Notary, who pays the fees/taxes and if the agent included a commission
  6. Make sure to get all important information translated into your language. Many clients make mistakes because the documents are in Spanish and they regret it later
  7. If you are purchasing an off-plan property, make sure that the payments on account/deposits are guaranteed
  8. Make sure that the property is not rented and that there are not any tenants
  9. Ask from the seller the homeowner’s association certificate to make sure that there are no debts with them
  10. If you are purchasing an off-plan property, make sure that the property has the construction completion certificate and habitation permit. If the property is used, you will need to request the occupation permit.

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