Claim now the Plusvalia Tax

You can claim now the Plusvalia Tax if you lost money when selling your property in Spain.

The Spanish Constitutional Court decided that if someone who sold a property lost money, the PLUSVALIA TAX cannot be applied and must be returned to the taxpayer. The Constitutional Court Judgements will set precedent and the Ayuntamiento (City Council) will have to return the tax improperly paid.

But, what is the Plusvalia Tax?

The Plusvalia Tax is a tax paid to the City Council and is calculated according to the increase in the value of the property and a calculation that the Ayuntamiento (City Council) makes according to their rates. It is a tax that had to be paid by the sellers even if they lost money when selling the property. So if you bought a property in 2009 for 150.000 Euros and you sold it in 2014 for 100.000 Euros, you lost money and it is just logic that you shouldn’t pay a tax which is applied to the increase of value.

Nevertheless, the Ayuntamientos (City Councils) were still charging the tax to every seller, even if they lost money with the sale.

The Judgments say that you can claim the Plusvalia Tax if you paid for it 4 years ago, and not before that time.

Therefore, if you paid for this tax and you think you have the right to a refund, we can help you with the process.

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