If you have a Divorce Judgement ordering the sale of your property in Spain, the other co-owner (you ex-husband or ex-wife) cannot prevent you from selling it.
If you have tried for years to sell the property without the agreement of the co-owner, we should enforce the Judgement in Spain despite the ex-husband’s or ex-wife’s will to not to sell.
We will send the Divorce order to the Spanish Courts so they can enforce it and put the property on sale at public auction and then divide the profit between the parties.
We are specialists in enforcing Foreign Judgments and we can help you with achieving what the Divorce Judgement ordered.
According to our experience, 90% of these cases never finish in the courts because once the other party finds out about the Enforcement in Spain and once he/she is served to attend the court, he/she will agree to put the property for sale with an agreement because selling at public auction is never in the parties’ interest.
You can send us the Divorce order without any obligation between us and we can give you more information about the procedure, like time scale, documents needed etc. for free.
How to use a separation coirt order to sell house Spain