Get a Divorce at a Spanish Notary

With Cc Lawyers help, you can get a divorce very easily at a Spanish Notary without visiting the Notary or even coming to Spain.

There was a law passed in 2015 in Spain allowing Notaries to celebrate marriages and also grant divorces.

However, not everyone can get divorced at the Notary, there are some requirements. If you meet those requirements you can divorce at a Notary and you will not need to go through Court which is slower.

The requirements to get divorced at a Spanish Notary are:

-Mutual Agreement Divorce (amicable)

-No children between the spouses

If you had children or it is not an amicable divorce, we will deal with the divorce at Court. You should know that to get a divorce in Spain, your last address in common has to be in Spain, otherwise, you will not be able to get divorced in Spain.

The Notary will need a divorce settlement agreement signed by the spouses. Cc Lawyers will help you drafting this document on your behalf to make sure that it is according to Law.

We can also act on your behalf before the Notary to get divorced with power of attorney.

Therefore, you will not need to attend the Notary if you grant us power of attorney to deal with the divorce on your behalf.

If you own a property, we can also help you with the transfer to one of the spouses or with the sale of the property.

Contact us and we will advise you on your specific situation and will inform you about the documents needed.

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