IRPH claim now

Since the EU Court Judgement of 3rd March 2020, the claims for  IRPH are guaranteed provided that the bank never informed clearly and with detail of how this IRPH index works.

This is the same scenario as with the floor or ground clause. The banks never provided the necessary information to the client when contracting the mortgage so we hope that the Spanish Courts will make this IRPH void with the same success rate as with the floor clause  (97% success rate in Spain) which is 100% cases won for Cc Lawyers, we even won for officers from the bank itself that had access to the information and knowledge about this banking world.

As we did for floor clause, which is pretty like IRPH cases, we do not request any retainer or fees in advance for suing the bank and claim IRPH. Furthermore, the bank will be sentenced to pay legal fees in most cases so we trust that we will get our fees directly from the bank and the client will be refunded with the full amount claimed.

The EU Court established that this IRPH has to be replaced by another index that will be EURIBOR, despite that the Judgement does not clearly say Euribor but is the most reasonable solution and the one that the Courts will find. Therefore, the difference between IRPH and Euribor while the mortgage was active will be the amount to claim.

If you are interested in suing the bank to cancel  IRPH, you just need to call, send an email or contact us through our contact form so we can study your case. If this claim is viable, we will send you a contract with our terms and the confirmation that you will not have to pay any fees in advance to us for taking this claim to the courts.