New precedent set for property buyers – Ley 57/68

The Spanish Supreme Court set a new precedent for  buyers who lost their deposits and who didn’t have bank guarantees.

The Supreme Court gave another Judgment in December 2015 confirming the Judgment we won in September 2015.

The new Judgment confirms our Judgment and sets a new precedent but, this time, the Supreme Court added a new ground.

The Supreme Court decided that it doesn’t matter if the bank didn’t have a special account for the deposits if the deposits were paid to any of the developer’s bank account, those deposits have to be refunded.

So it doesn’t matter if the property buyer didn’t have a guarantee (general or individual) nor if the buyer paid the deposit to a special bank account.

With this new Judgment, property buyers are now more protected and a new precedent is set to be used in the claims against the banks, which issued general bank guarantees to the developer or which received the deposits.

So if you lost the deposits you paid to a developer, please contact us and we will help you with getting your money back.