Selling a shared-ownership property, Alicante,Torrevieja, Costa Blanca area, 100% guaranteed success.

100% guaranteed success with Cc Lawyer Alicante Torrevieja! If you need selling a shared-ownership property and you have a shared-ownership or joint property in Spain, you need to know that you can put an end to this situation and you can force the sale of your share of the dwelling.

Then if you want to sell your share but cannot reach an agreement with the other co-owners, you can sue and file a lawsuit against the other co-owners. The judge will force them to sell and then each person in the deeds will receive the profits from the sale according to their share and according to the title deeds.

The defendants can only contest the claim and oppose the lawsuit if you all agreed not to sell the asset during a certain period. If this is not the case, the other people in the deeds will not have any legal grounds to contest it and will be forced to sell and finish with the joint ownership.

If there are any debts between the co-owners for the home expenses or any other type of debts, house property expenses in Spain can be claimed in the same case. They will be part of claim started against them.  Once the asset has been sold and the money perty expenses in Spainhas been shared between each coproprietor. If any of them owes you money due to the expenses borne by you like taxes, utility bills, improvements you made, and they should pay you and settle their debt to you as well. Trust on Cc Real State Lawyer Alicante Torrevieja services, more than 20 years experience.

Forced sale of a jointly owned property. Selling a shared-ownership property in Alicante, Torrevieja, Costa Blanca.

The action for division procedure in the Spanish courts to selling a shared-ownership property

Constitutes an indisputable and unconditional right for any holders and is of such a nature that its exercise is not subject to any obstacle, except when there is an agreement between the coproprietors not to dissolve the condominium and to preserve the undivided thing.

This agreement, if it exists, may not exceed 10 years and may be extended by new agreement. Article 400 of the Civil Code: “No co-owner shall be obliged to remain in the community. Each of them may at any time request that the common thing be divided. However, a consensus to keep the undivided thing for a fixed period of time, not exceeding ten years, shall be valid. This period may be extended by new accord”.

In 90% of the cases, we reach an agreement with the other owners before having to go to trial. The fact of receiving a claim against them makes them think that you are serious about the sale, and they will have no other way than to agree to it. If they do not respond to the claim and accept it, they will go to trial and they will have to pay for your legal fees. So any lawyer will advise them to agree to the claim and sell the dwelling before it is costlier to them. If we reach an agreement go to link Transferring ownership property Alicante to find out how it works.

If you do not want to continue sharing a home with someone, please contact us and we will inform you about the process to finally get out and selling a shared-ownership property. Every consultation is free.

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