Tenant Eviction

If you rented your property or commercial premises to a company or individual and the tenant is not paying the rent agreed in the contract, even if the tenant owes you just one month rent, you can take them to court and request the tenant eviction so they leave your property or commercial premises.

The eviction procedure can cover just the eviction to make the tenant leave the property or premises or it can also include the claim of the debt owed by the tenant.

If this is the first time the tenant is delayed with the rent, once you have sued him/her and the court has served him/her with the eviction claim, the tenant can pay all the amounts due and stop the case. If the tenant does that but some time after he/she stops paying the rent again, he/she will not have the option to pay the debt to the court and stop the eviction against him/her for the second time.

There was a recent Act reform and once the tenant is served with the eviction claim, if he/she does not contest the claim, the Court will directly fix the eviction date and there will not be a trial so the case will be finished fast and you will be able to get you property back very fast.

After sending the eviction claim to the Court, we will receive the Court acceptance with the trial date (that will be held just if the tenant contests the claim) and the eviction date when the tenant must leave the property. So you will be informed about all the dates by the time the claim is accepted by the court.

Our advice is to take legal action if the tenant owes you more than 2 months’ rent because our experience tells us that the tenant will not pay again and you will be wasting your time instead of renting the property to somebody that will pay for it.