Timeshare in Spain is or was very typical, especially in the Canary Islands or Málaga.

We all know the story: “Tourists were sold holiday weeks in resorts or holiday clubs with very aggressive selling techniques. Customers were asked to sign the contracts and deposit paid immediately before the one-day offer was canceled. They convinced customers that it was an investment and that they could sell their timeshare contract very easily in the future. Unfortunately, that was not the truth. Furthermore, there were maintenance fees and charges that were increasing every year and that couldn’t be afforded by some of these timeshare owners.  Some of the timeshare owners even took loans to afford these fees that were higher and higher. They were told that they could pass their investment to their children, but what they thought they were passing were just debts an high charges for a week that they could almost never book.”

Sadly, this is a very common story. However, if you find yourself in this situation, we can help you get rid of your timeshare contract if one of the following applies to you:

  • Payments and deposits made (or signing a loan) within two weeks of signing the contract (or before 3 months since signing the contract).
  • Floating weeks (not having a fixed week for a specific property).
  • Perpetual contracts (50 years or more or without time limit).

If this is your case, contact us because you have the opportunity to cancel your timeshare contract and claim the amounts you paid for it.

The Spanish Supreme Court ruled that timeshare contracts with just one of the before mentioned characteristics are unenforceable and void. Especially, contracts signed since 1999.

Timeshare owners are winning the claims and the contracts are declared void according to Spanish Law and the precedent set by the Judgment of  Spanish Supreme Court on 15th January 2015.