The touristic licence is a permit that the city council grants so you can rent your property as a tourist accommodation and allows you to advertise it in tourist rental websites or if you would like a touristic company to rent it for you.

When is the rental considered touristic? (Art. 65. LAW 15/2018, June 7th, Generalitat, tourism, leisure, and hospitality in the Valencian Community)

Tourist accommodation refers to complete properties, which allow tourist use. This is any real-estate property that’s immediately available for repeat rentals to tourists for tourism, leisure, or holiday use.

Repeated rental is considered to exist when one of the following circumstances occurs with respect to the property:

  1. a) It is advertised for tourist use by companies managing tourist accommodation.
  2. b) It is made available to tourists, regardless of the period it is booked and if services of the hospitality industry are provided.
  3. c) When tourism marketing companies are used.

Basically, it is touristic rental when the property will not be the main residence of the tenant.

Which requirements does the property need to fulfil for touristic license?

  • All bedrooms and living room must have direct exterior ventilation.
  • Be fully furnished.
  • All the windows must have blinds to darken the light.
  • Have basic utilities for comfortable living.
  • Safety measures.
  • A book for complaints must be available for the tourists.

The documentation necessary and requirements changes from town to town.

In Alicante for example, you are only allowed to rent to tourists in very specific areas of the town and only if the property has direct access or is in the ground or first floor to not to disturb the neighbours.

In addition, you can only rent full properties and not just rooms.

You will need an architect to help you with a report to present it in the town hall so they can authorise the tourist rental. The process can take 2-3 months.