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IRPH claim now

Since the EU Court Judgement of 3rd March 2020, the claims for  IRPH are guaranteed provided that the bank never informed clearly and with detail of how this IRPH index works. This is the same scenario as with the floor or ground clause. The banks never provided the necessary information to the client when contracting the mortgage so […]


We are happy to announce that the Supreme Court just confirmed another Judgement we won for a client who bought a property at Trampolin Hills Golf Resort. Bank La Caixa appealed to the Supreme Court the Judgement we won in Murcia Courts and the Supreme Court dismissed the bank’s appeal and made our Judgement final. […]

Apostille stamp-no longer needed in some cases

The apostille stamp is a legalisation or validation certificate required in many cases when presenting documents in another country. When dealing with an inheritance (Probate, death/birth certificate) or when a power of attorney is required, for example, you might need to get the apostille on your documents. However, the law changed and within the European […]


There are numerous risks and problems that might go along with the purchase of a Villa in Spain. We are here to tell you how to avoid them so you can purchase your Spanish villa with more peace of mind. These recommendations are especially aimed at a house in the countryside but they can also […]

Tenant Eviction

If you rented your property or commercial premises to a company or individual and the tenant is not paying the rent agreed in the contract, even if the tenant owes you just one month rent, you can take them to court and request the tenant eviction so they leave your property or commercial premises. The […]

Check our top ten house buying tips

Hire a Spanish English-speaking Lawyer to protect your interests. If you hire a lawyer that you trust, you will have to forget about the following tips. Request your NIE number as soon as possible Open a bank account in Spain Request an information certificate “Nota Simple” to the Land Registry for the property you wish to […]


Según la reciente Jurisprudencia del Tribunal Supremo, éstos son los gastos que debe asumir la entidad prestamista como parte interesada: Gastos notariales: suele representar entre el 0,1% y el 0,5% de la responsabilidad hipotecaria. Podemos recuperar la mitad de esta partida. Gestoría: Suelen rondar aproximadamente los 400 euros. Podemos reclamar que nos devuelvan la mitad de lo pagado por este […]


Las reclamaciones de los préstamos bancarios basados en el índice IRPH sufrieron un duro revés cuando  el Tribunal Supremo se pronunció a favor de los bancos sobre el IRPH el 22 de noviembre de 2017 sin embargo no todo está perdido ya que estamos a la espera a una Sentencia del Tribunal Superior de Justicia […]


According to recent precedents and case law from the Spanish Supreme Court, the credit company or bank as the interested party in the mortgage agreement has to be in charge of paying: Notary fees: the Notary fees for authorising a mortgage are between 0,1% and 0,5% of the mortgage liability. The mortgage liability is the […]


Claims against banks for IRPH index suffered a setback when the Spanish Supreme Court ruled about IRPH in favour of the banks on the 22nd November 2017. However, the cause is not lost yet because we are expecting Judgement about it from the European Court of Justice and we just heard that the lawyer from the EU […]