Deposit reimbursement according Ley 57/1968

We are the first law firm to win the first Judgement that set precedent for deposit reimbursement according to Ley 57/1968 at the Spanish Supreme Court.

We set a precedent that helped to successfully recover the deposits of many clients who thought that had lost their savings because the property was not completed and the builder went bankrupt.

According to the new Judgments and precedent set, we can claim the bank that received the payments into the builder’s bank account or the bank that issued general bank guarantees.

100% success in consumers’ claims.

We can claim the amounts paid for the property plus interests since the payments were made and legal fees. If the bank is sentenced to pay, you will get your money back because banks are solvent and always comply with the Judgement.

You don’t need to have sued the builder/developer in advance. You can directly sue the bank without having claimed the deposit to the developer.

We have won many cases for clients who bought to HERRADA DEL TOLLO-SAN JOSÉ, EUROHOUSE, TRAMPOLIN HILLS, CAMPOSOL, TORREVISA, etc.

If you bought an off-plan property that was never completed or you never got the Title Deeds, please contact us and we will recover your deposits. We can offer NO WIN-NO FEE for most cases.

Claim the bank that received the payments for the house

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