Enforcement foreign judgement Spain, Alicante, Torrevieja, Costa Blanca Area.

The Enforcement foreign judgement Spain, has become a frequent occurrence. Should you possess a Foreign Judgement or Court Order from your country against any person that resides in Spain, Alicante or the Costablanca area like Torrevieja, this Law Firm holds the expertise to execute the foreign court order within the country judicial system.

Cc Lawyer Alicante Torrevieja has a 100% a success rate in these cases with 20 years of experience in the field and we act all over Spain especially in Alicante or other areas like Torrevieja. Since we worry for our future client’s knowledge on this matter, we would like to provide the steps for this process.

The framework established by the European Union ensures the recognition and implementation of verdicts obtained in one EU member state across all others. This means that if you hold an order against an individual located here, you have the direct possibility to enforce it in a Spanish court. For more understanding, it is better to show an example of this circumstance. Here you have non-EU exequatur

For instance, if you are in possession of a judgement against a debtor who has moved to Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm or other area, your first course of action involves hiring a lawyer. Subsequently, upon retaining legal counsel, it becomes necessary to forward the original ruling, which must be officially translated. The Spanish legal representative will initiate proceedings through a European Judgement Enforcement Claim and the defendant will be served the Enforcement Order at their residential address.

The Spanish judge will oversee the process directly, bypassing a comprehensive review of the case’s merits as one would expect in cases originating from a Spain tribunal. Once the authorized court grants approval to the judgement exequatur, the process of Enforcement foreign judgement Spain can initiate. As stated in article 545 of the Spanish Civil Procedure Act, the court that acknowledges the judgement holds the responsibility for executing its enforcement.