The most important reason to make a Spanish will

Inheritance and Spanish Will

Experts in inheritance matters, with a deep knowledge on this matters’ details and offering reduced fees for our services. Inheritance Lawyer Alicante more than 20 years experience.

When it comes to processes dealing with inheritance, having experts in your corner can make all the difference. We are dedicated specialists with a proven track record in handling inheritances, and we offer our services at reduced fees. Should you possess a property, bank accounts, or any assets within the vicinity of Alicante or Torrevieja area in Spain, we strongly recommend considering the establishments of a Spanish Will. Additionally, obtaining a NIE number which is the foreigner’s fiscal number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is mandatory.

The primary reason to make a Spanish Will is to reduce the procedure’s timeline. With having a will registered for your properties abroad, you will make things easier for your legatees and you will ensure the smoother transfer of assets.

We advise to engage a skilled legal professional who can draft the Will in both relevant languages. Then, we meet at the Notary so you can sign it with a translator if needed. The attorney will proficiently handle all the necessary documentation.

Once your Will is executed, it is meticulously recorder within the archives of the Notary’s office. This information is then transmitted to the central Will registry, effectively notifying the system that your Will is securely deposited within the specific Notary’s establishment.

What happens if you don’t have a Will?

Taxes when you inherit a property.

What happens if you don’t have a Will? .Determine the legal framework of preference. 

The European Regulation (EU 650/2012) has brought about alterations to Inheritance Law since the 15th of August 2015. According to this regulation, in cases where an individual passes away while being a resident of a European nation distinct from their nationality, the Inheritance Law applicable is that of their last place of residence.

To illustrate, envision an Irish citizen who, upon retirement establishes residency in Spain. In the unfortunate event of their passing, the Inheritance Law that governs the ensuing proceeding would be determined by Spanish law, unless explicitly specified otherwise in the individual’s Will. English will but using Spanish Law so children can inherit.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to review or amend your Testament before the 15th of august 2015 if your current European residency differs from your original nationality.

Then, of you hold property assets within the regions of Alicante or Torrevieja, we encourage you to contemplate the formulation of a Spanish Will. In addition, obtaining a NIE is a crucial step that ensures the legalities are in order for a smooth inheritance process. In this Law Firm, we believe you have many other doubts regarding how the process can be handle. Thus, do not be hesitant and contact us. You can either complete the form online, email us or call us for further information.

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