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Taxes when you inherit a property

Are you inheriting a property in Spain? Or are you receiving gift property? The taxes to be paid are Successions/Gift tax and Capital Gains Tax (Plusvalía). Successions Tax When you inherit property after somebody dies. When you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and the insured person dies. Gift Tax When somebody gives […]

Off-plan properties deposit claim

We are the first law firm to win the first Judgement that set precedent for deposit reimbursement according to Ley 57/1968 at the Spanish Supreme Court. We set a precedent that helped to successfully recover the deposits of many clients who thought that had lost their savings because the property was not completed and the […]

Get a Divorce at a Spanish Notary

With Cc Lawyers help, you can get a divorce very easily at a Spanish Notary without visiting the Notary or even coming to Spain. There was a law passed in 2015 in Spain allowing Notaries to celebrate marriages and also grant divorces. However, not everyone can get divorced at the Notary, there are some requirements. If […]


Timeshare in Spain is or was very typical, especially in the Canary Islands or Málaga. We all know the story: “Tourists were sold holiday weeks in resorts or holiday clubs with very aggressive selling techniques. Customers were asked to sign the contracts and deposit paid immediately before the one-day offer was canceled. They convinced customers […]


Warning! If you bought a property bargain in Spain, the Spanish tax office might require you to pay extra tax! The Spanish property market is low and properties are being sold at low prices, but the Spanish Tax office still wants to get the transfer tax according to their property value. The tax office has […]

Occupation Permit in Spain

The Occupation Permit or First Occupation Permit (Licencia de Ocupación) is a permit granted by the city or town hall when a property is built. This permit certifies that the property is legal and that it is in a habitable state. When buying an off-plan or new build property, we advise you to request the […]

Evictions in Spain (squatters)

The Act ruling about evictions in Spain (for squatters) has been modified recently. This measure aims to solve the problem of people entering into empty properties. In Spain, if someone entered to live in your property (your holiday home, a second residence, or just your home) illegally you had to sue them and take them […]


A case of a client who bought a property in CAMPOSOL (MURCIA) won against BANKIA at the First Instance Court no. 4 in Alicante. We have won a case against Bankia for our clients, who purchased a property in Camposol, Mazarrón (Murcia). The properties never got the occupancy permits and the clients lost the deposits paid to the builder. Our […]