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Court costs in Spain

The Court costs or legal costs are the Lawyer fees, Procurador (court representative) fees and the fees of any expert who participated in the Court case. The legal costs are regulated by each Provincial Lawyers Association (Colegio de Abogados). Who has to pay the legal costs? The client is always required to pay the costs, […]

Clausulas Suelo

The European Court will give a Decision about the Clausulas Suelo, probably on the 29th April 2016. The Decision will be regarding the interests to be paid due to the clause and is all over the news… The Spanish Supreme Court ruled that when a “clausula suelo” is illegal the interests have to be returned […]

New precedent set for property buyers – Ley 57/68

The Spanish Supreme Court set a new precedent for  buyers who lost their deposits and who didn’t have bank guarantees. The Supreme Court gave another Judgment in December 2015 confirming the Judgment we won in September 2015. The new Judgment confirms our Judgment and sets a new precedent but, this time, the Supreme Court added a […]

Inheritance in Spain-Steps to deal with it

Dealing with somebody’s inheritance can be hard because we are never prepared to deal with our loved ones’ death but, unfortunately, this is part of life. Nevertheless, apart from dealing with grieving them, we also have to deal with procedures and the inheritance. If you need to deal with the inheritance of someone who had […]

Inheritances in Spain

It is disconcerting how everything related to foreigners in Spain, especially inheritances, is getting more and more complicated. We think that this should be exactly the opposite. To the control obsession by the Spanish administration, we should add the lack of will for simplifying the procedures, especially those having to do with European citizens. The […]

Herencias de extranjeros en España

Resulta bastante desconcertante como en España todo se complica cada vez más con todo lo relacionado con los extranjeros europeos, especialmente las herencias, cuando debería ser justo lo contrario. Al obsesivo control de la administración se une una falta total de voluntad por simplificar los procedimientos sobre todo con ciudadanos comunitarios, cuando la realidad debería […]