Evictions in Spain (squatters)

The Act ruling about evictions in Spain (for squatters) has been modified recently.

This measure aims to solve the problem of people entering into empty properties.

In Spain, if someone entered to live in your property (your holiday home, a second residence, or just your home) illegally you had to sue them and take them to Court to evict them.

If you ever find yourself in that situation, we advise you not to take any measures to force the squatters out of the property. If you cut the electricity or water or threaten them in any way, this could play against you.

A Court Case takes time in Sapin and an Eviction claim can take many months to be solved by the Court. In the meantime, you can find yourself in the street and someone living in your property for free (or without your consent) and there is nothing you can do.

In order to solve that problem, the Act ruling about evictions has been amended for these specific cases.

If there is someone living in your property without a title (rent contract or your consent) you can sue them. You don’t need to know their identification information. You can just sue the people living on your property. With the claim, you have to present evidence that you are the owner (updated information from the Land Registry-Title Deeds) and request the immediate eviction.

With the acceptance of the claim, the Court will order these people to present evidence of their right to be on your property IN FIVE DAYS. If they don’t present evidence, the Court will immediately order the eviction and will return you the possession of your property.

Everyone was asking for this amendment of the Law and is very good news.

Now, we will not have to wait months to evict someone who is illegally living in our property.

You can read the full Act Amendment here.

Please contact us if you require further information or if you need to evict someone living in your property. Every consultation is free.