After the good news about IRPH from the European Court, the Appeal courts in Madrid and Barcelona gave Judgements against IRPH and against the Order of the European Court.

This is very surprising because they have to obey what the EU Court established. So now, these cases from the main Spanish Appeal Courts will be appealed to the Spanish Supreme Court, and they will decide one more time if they are following what the EU Court ordered or if they will disobey it.

Therefore, the situation right now is that half the courts in Spain are finding in favour of clients and the other half against them.

With this uncertain scenario, our advice is to wait and see how these appeals will be solved. We will not advise you to start proceedings now against the bank until the outcome is clearer.

Our advice right now is to be prudent and wait.

We are optimistic that in the end, Spanish courts will follow the order given by the European court so if you have IRPH, please contact us and we will revise your case and will keep you in our waiting list so we are ready to send the claim to the courts once the situation is clearer.

Every consultation is free and we will revise your file without any obligation with us.