Occupation Permit in Spain

The Occupation Permit or First Occupation Permit (Licencia de Ocupación) is a permit granted by the city or town hall when a property is built.

This permit certifies that the property is legal and that it is in a habitable state.

When buying an off-plan or new build property, we advise you to request the first occupation permit to the builder or agent to make sure that the property is legal.

In the Alicante area, a Second Occupation Permit is required when you sell your property or when you buy a second-hand property.

You will need this permit for changing the utilities’ contracts or if you want to do some works at the property.

In order to get the Second Occupation Permit, an architect will have to visit your property.

The architect will write a report describing the property and certifying that it is in a habitable state.

Then, this architect’s report must be taken to the city or town hall. The Town Hall will stamp the form with the Permit and will require you to pay for a tax.

The costs involved with the permit will depend on the architect fees and the city or town hall tax.

Apart from the visit to the property, a copy of your Deeds, your NIE number, and the last IBI tax receipt will be required.

The permit will take approximately 15 days and it will depend on the town hall.

Here you have a link with the Second Ocupation permit information from the Alicante city hall