After Brexit, UK residents become non-EU foreigners and therefore they must apply for the military authorization to buy a property in certain areas of Spain. The areas included in the military protected area are Torrevieja, Orihuela (Alicante), Cartagena, Mar Menor area or Mazarrón (Murcia) and others like Galicia or the frontier with France or Portugal.

This obligation is regulated by the Law 8/1975, and the Royal Decree 689/1978. Although this law is considered outdated and many professionals in the area consider that it must be repealed, the law is in force and we have to bear in mind that now it also applies to UK residents that were not included in the past.

This military authorization has to be granted before signing the new Title Deeds (before completing the property purchase) and the Notary and Registrar have to request it. At present, the delay to get this authorization can be of 3 to 6 months.

The application form has to be presented in Barcelona in the Ministry of Defense office that deals with this, prior to complete the sale.


So, all non-EU nationals (except Switzerland and Norway) who want to buy a property in the before mentioned areas need to apply for it with the following documentation:

– A criminal record (obtained in their country of residence, legalized with the Apostille stamp and officially translated by a sworn translator)

– Photocopy of passport and/or residence card, officially translated by a sworn translator.

– Detailed plan of the house on a scale not less than 1/500 and a location map of the property.

-If the buyer does not fill the application in person, the representative or lawyer can do it with a power of attorney.

If you would like to know if the property you intend to purchase is in the military area please contact us

Case study-UK national Will but using Spanish Law so children can inherit


We have a case where a UK national made a Will choosing English Law, his nationality law. The testator only had a property in Spain, no other assets.

The testator left this property in Alicante (Spain) to his partner only and nothing to his children. This can be done according to English law but not Spanish law.  English Law also says that if the Estate is abroad then the Inheritance can be done according to the Laws in the country where the asset is located. In Spain, you are obliged to leave the inheritance to the children and then there is a share that you can leave to anybody.

The children did not agree with the partner getting all the Estate and contacted us. As the only asset of the Estate was the property in Spain, this inheritance will be ruled by Spanish Law, therefore the children have to get a share of the Estate according to Spanish Law.

So if your parents owned a property in Spain and resided in Spain but made a Will leaving the property to somebody else in a Will, we can help you with getting your share of the Spanish Estate. There are precedent and case law supporting this.

Please contact us. We will advise you about your specific case.